9 Reasons Why Watsapp Is The Top Choices When So Many Amzing Messaging Apps Are Avaialble

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9 Reasons Why Watsapp Is The Top Choices When So Many Amzing Messaging Apps Are Avaialble

Whatsapp is the most popular app that you are going to find in everyone’s mobile phones. This app is simply amazing and has lots of fun intact. Recently, Facebook took over Whatsapp and says that it is more than the worth they paid to take over Whatsapp. Messaging apps were popular among teenagers before, but it is popular among everyone these days. Everyone is on Whatsapp and it is great. There are plenty of features that you get with this app as compared to the others. Whatsapp is highly popular and here are some of the reasons explained for its popularity.

When Whatsapp came it was one of its kind. There were no other apps that offered such great features in just one app. Slowly it gained popularity and now is among the top choices.

  1. There is no need to go through the hassles of installations and downloads. It is very simple to download with just one click. You can also update this app easily as time to time up gradation is required.
  2. This app is compatible with multiple platforms such as blackberry and Nokia. It just needs a multimedia mobile device to get started
  3. The technology behind it is quite simple and this makes easy for them to fix the bugs and launch releases easily.
  4. It is totally free on the android devices, which is the fastest growing mobile devices. The license of Whatsapp says that you have to pay a yearly subscription fee. The fee is very small amount. Every year you have to pay this fee to get started. According to the sources this fee is not implemented for the Android users. There are people who have been using this making app on their multiple devices for more than one year without paying a penny.
  5. There are no irritating apps that piss you off in the middle of your important conversations. Apps get tapped accidently and from there are frustration starts. There is no such thing that you will face with the app
  6. With the updated feature of Whatsapp you also get precise security features. You can have a full control over your security now. You can hide your profile pictures and even your last seen from people.
  7. It is a reliable platform and millions of people are using this app. These apps are reliable and you can trust that once your message is sent, it is definitely going to the other side. You don’t have to worry that it failed and people instantly check your messages, thus this app is also helpful in case of emergencies.
  8. It has a very simple user interface. Even kids at home can operate Whatsapp. With other apps you will see that apps are stuffed with plenty of features which make it complex to use. Whatsapp just avoided such crap.
  9. There are so many other reasons why Whatsapp is gaining popularity at such a huge level every day.

These are the few reasons of its popularity and it also deserves to be at the top.

Author Bio:– This article is written by Ashish Kamble who is owner of www.videosforwhatsapp.com where you can find funny videos for whatsapp

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