About me

Purpose may point you in the right direction but it’s passion that propels you.

Hi, I am basically a web designer, settled in Chandigarh. Rightly said by someone, it’s the passion that propels you. It is the passion of being updated with the upcoming technology which has inspired me to design this site and write something for the people like me. Being a web designer, this is the perfect medium to write about it and of course, in a manner to add real value to people’s lives. It serves two purposes for me, one is I love doing so and second it will help people to choose or to decide among various options.

Technology these days is growing at such a faster rate that things are changing day by day. You carry whole world in your hands in the form of a gadget like smartphones. There are number of companies competing in the market for their technologies. Each brand is providing their high end devices with number of features depending on the price, you pay. Everyone wants to be intact with the technology, but keeping several things in the mind like price, features and brand. The idea of designing this site is to tell, everything you want to know about your particular device. You just pick your device and you will come to know everything about it. The priority is to provide all the detailing of a particular device and provide you the extensive knowledge. Because I believe that we should be smart enough to choose our brand according to our needs. This would be possible only if we have the knowledge of the existing technology and if we know about the up comings. So, it is required to remain up-to-date with all the upcoming news and technology updates. And there is a special section of latest updates in the site for this. You will find every new gadget available in the market with full information about it. Comparative studies among the competitive brands are also provided to help you choose, in a better way. Reviews and ratings of the product depending upon certain parameters are also available.

You can put your suggestions and comments also. So, in a way, you can help others with your views and your feedback on particular brand.