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Conquer Kids Photography

For a lot of people, taking photos of kids is one of the hardest things to do. But you don’t have to shy away from doing kids photography forever. There are sure ways to conquer this type of photography. Taking photos of children is fun and interesting. However, you cannot deny that it can be a bit challenging and difficult sometimes.

Let’s admit it: Kids are living, breathing, walking, and running balls of energy. Sometimes, they can also be the grumpiest people on earth; attempting to take a snapshot of them can really test your limits. But when you do get some good photos of them, you’ll feel happy and fulfilled, like you just conquered an unseemingly insurmountable obstacle. Too exaggerated? You get our point.
However, you should not give up on this type of photography so easily. If you want to try your hands on kids photography, follow these neat tips.

1. Set your camera’s shutter speed. First and foremost, your shutter speed should be set to the fastest. You’ll need to be quick when
taking images of kids because they 1) tend to have lightning speed and 2) change moods easily. Better to be always quick than miss opportunities for amazing shots! Knowing your camera shutter speed is really essential to capture sharp images.

2. Always be ready. Don’t put down your camera no matter what. Kids are unpredictable: One moment they can be throwing tantrums and the next minute they’d be giving the most genuine laugh you’ll ever see. How they do it, no one knows. So always be prepared to press that shutter button.

3. Give them freedom. One thing most adults do wrong when taking photos of children is that they try so hard (in vain) to contain kids in one place. In kids photography, photographers don’t lead; they follow. Let children roam freely; let them play; let them explore. Surely, in those moments of freedom you’ll be able to snap images of pure surprise, joy, and everything in between.

4. Be a kid yourself. Strip off your adult costume and let that inner kid in you out. If you want to take candid photos of kids in their most natural state, then you have to be their friend, not their photographer. Play with them; be silly; don’t take yourself too seriously. But remember, you’ll be operating your camera while doing all these, so better develop that skill.

5. Get down. To get the best images of kids, avoid taking photos from above. Get closer to the ground — kneel, sit down, lie on your stomach. This will also make kids feel at ease and you approachable.

6. Be patient. This is the most important tip. Always keep in mind that working with kids takes time. You’ll have to wait for them to warm up to you as most children are shy. They need to be comfortable too. Making them feel at home is key to getting great candid shots. If you lose your cool, you’ll scare them away. Once this happens, the shoot is over; you won’t be able to take great photos anymore. Snapping images of kids is enjoyable, if you know how to do it the right way. Take it easy and enjoy, and you’ll be surprised by the difference it can make.

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