iOS 9 Features that make your Apple Devices a Lot Smarter!

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iOS 9 Features that make your Apple Devices a Lot Smarter!

The iOS 9 is here which has Apple fans rejoicing the world over. The new update has a lot of great features which has bridged the gap between you and technology helping you better work around on your iPhones and iPads making it a lot more helpful and smarter. This helps make your device a lot more insightful about you, your schedule, and your preferences turning it into a two way communication which takes it to the next level in the technological world. You can find great deals on Apple products using amazon coupons to make the most of the iOS 9 update.

Check out these amazing iOS 9 features that truly transform technology on your Apple devices:

Upgraded Devices

The iOS 9 on the old iPhones and iPads gives it a polished new feel making them much more efficient to work around with. The phones and tablets run smoothly as it’s a lot simpler to switch through apps as well as lesser lags that are noticed while using older devices such as iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPhone 4S models making them feel a lot more alive as well.

Better Insight

The iOS 9 is not just a one way software which only takes inputs. It tries to make insightful conclusions from your inputs to see which contacts you message most, tries to identify unknown callers by checking your emails, make useful suggestions such as resuming your playlist after you have plugged in your earphones. This is a great way to exploit the advantages of technology as the phone also helps suggest places to visit in your vicinity such as stores, places to eat etc making it much more proactive.

Smarter Siri

Siri has always been one of the most popular features that thrill users worldwide and now your favourite Siri is a lot smarter than before. Siri is like your virtual butler who keeps a check on your most used contacts, makes suggestions according to the time of the day to better help you manage contacts, business and handling day to day activities. Now shop, make ticket bookings, search for flipkart coupons and do so much more with your Siri. You can also correct Siri when it pronounces certain words and tell it how exactly it’s pronounced. It’s like carrying a companion in your pocket at all times!

Battery Output

The battery of iPhones and iPads is always something which has needed an improvement and iOS9 helps you extend the life of your device by allowing you to make use of the new power mode that disables unnecessary features such as visual effects which might use up too much battery. It also disables emails from syncing too frequently as well as cuts off unwanted data usage and app updates to extend the battery life.

Keyboard Tweaks

Even the keyboard comes with better shortcuts allowing you quicker access to copy and paste as well as additional options to redo and undo your typing. You can easily select text and access the track pad mode as well by swiping the keyboard with two fingers. You can also use the “tab” feature to switch between apps and screens giving it a very laptop-keyboard like effect.

These features surely add an added tinge and bring the various advantages of technology which is forever on the rise. With these new features you can better interact with your devices and the world around you like never before with more efficient output and better performance at every step. Apple always has a keen insight into the consumer’s mind which is one of the key reasons why it’s so popular around the globe!

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