Microsoft’s latest mobile to provide next-generation Surface device clues

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December 20, 2016
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January 20, 2017
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Microsoft’s latest mobile to provide next-generation Surface device clues

A recent disclose about the Microsoft patent application for a foldable phone and hinge had reignited conjectured about the company’s plans to re-enter the mobile-device business.

There are many who have various questions in their minds like Will Microsoft end up making a mobile device that is comparable to the canceled Courier dual-screen tablet and Surface Mini devices?

Those people waiting for the company to take another shot at the mobile market are hoping eagerly for this.

Rumors are in the air about the Microsoft‘s Surface Phone have not yet died although no signs of the company to launch the device anytime. While Microsoft hasn’t evidently launched a smartphone for a while and is highly unlikely to launch one shortly, a new patent filing hints at the company’s ambitious plans to develop a foldable phone. According to the patent application, the smartphone from Microsoft are provided with a flexible hinge and display that can transform the phone into a tablet.

Microsoft is exploring options to make such a futuristic phone a reality. These smartphones from Microsoft can be easily folded and transform into a tablet or even in a tent mode just like Lenovo’s Yoga tablets. Additionally, with the transforming screens from a smartphone to a tablet, there appear to be mold into two or three screens to extend flat out to make the device bigger and more than a tablet.

Techniques involving a mobile computing device including a flexible hinge structure. In one or more implementations, a mobile computing device includes a plurality of housings, a display device that is flexible, with a flexible hinge structure. This hinge structure can secure the plurality of housings to each other, permits the plurality of housings to rotate about an axis about each other, and backing up a continuous view area of the device that extends across the flexible hinge structure and the plurality of housings.

The application was first decided to be launched on October 16, 2014, and was invented by Kabir Siddiqui. Whereas the application number of the patent is US14515766, and the legal status of the application still shows pending.

Microsoft is not the only mobile market company dabbling with foldable mobile-device concepts there are many mobile brands that are deciding to bring a foldable device as such. Last week, word was circulating of both Samsung’s and LG’s intent to introduce foldable phones in calendar 2017.

Many other companies like Microsoft, applies for and receives many exclusive, not all of which are meant for products and services, and those components which end up part of commercial products. However, the individual listed as the inventor on the latest Microsoft flexible hinge patent Kabir Siddiqui also has been a driving force for some other hinge-related Microsoft patents.

Microsoft officials said previously that Microsoft’s focus on mobile, moving forward is on the business market. They’ve also said they consider in continuity to the capability that enables phones to use large-screen displays and keyboards to be a differentiator for the company in the mobile space.

If any foldable Microsoft mobile device does come to the mobile market, it will be run Microsoft’s recently announced Windows 10 with an ARM operating system and built-in x86 emulation. If that’s the case, we will be surprised to see anything beyond a possible model mobile device in calendar 2017, since that coming to ARM operating system implementation, is likely a fall 2017 deliverable, at best.

Thus, we are all eagerly waiting for the boom by Microsoft with its new next generation foldable phones with surface device clues.

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