Over the past few years cell phones have taken over our lives. The human has become so much dependent on this device. These gadgets have evolved drastically in the last decade. From the mono chromatic display to HD picture clarity. From having keypads to dial phone numbers mobiles have upgraded to recognize your voice to wish your friend happy birthday. From being just a calling device it has come a long way to become your own personal assistant. Want to surf the web, wish to call a relative, getting bored while waiting for some friend or a difficult calculation needs to be solved? Our little pocket buddy comes to rescue.

The cellular companies are continuously working to design new and better smart phones than other firms. The market is flooded with loads of choices for an ideal smart phone. This makes it a little difficult to choose what mobile will suit your need and wallet given the variety of smart phones being launched lately. Are you having trouble deciding what smart phone to purchase or having an awkward conversation with your condescending colleague about which smart phone is the best or you don’t know what is the screen size of your favorite device? Here at NUCG we provide you with the information about the latest gadgets and phones to be launched in the market. Be it Samsung or Apple, Windows or Blackberry OS you will find it here in our mobiles section. We bring you the latest updates from around the world of cell phones and help you stay ahead of your friends with the latest releases and announcements. Learn about new features and facilities that devices possess. Make use of this vast resource and get the hold most useful information available. Find well detailed analysis of gadgets in this section which is exclusively dedicated to mobiles. Key specifications of your favorite handset like how much data can a particular device can hold, How much is its RAM, how powerful is the processor, what OS version it runs on? And much more are to be found in this area of mobiles. Start exploring with us!