Today the smartphone is not just a gadget but it has become a must having device for all. People are managing their offline and online lives using smartphones. All of us are using smartphones for doing wide range of tasks like:

  • Accessing the internet including internet surfing, social networking, you tube and many more.
  • Consuming multimedia like videos, MP3, using all the content through Adobe Flash Player.
  • Using GPS navigation system, search location services, unlimited gaming.
  • Sending messages through SMS or email and many more.

The trend to do more and more things simultaneously on a smartphone, while ensuring that consumers do not have to wait long has become challenging. To do all the tasks at faster rates, it is must to have a smartphone which is really smart and all this depend on the processor of the smartphone. And for different kind of usage different operating systems are required. All the major brands available like Sony, Samsung, iPhones, Nokia, Google Nexus, Micromax, HTC are trying hard on their technologies and doing their best to provide the customer’s satisfaction.

Mobile processors are required to process huge amount of data and information quickly without having a use of fan, some of them gets really hot. This heat means the battery life and heat wastes the processing power. But there are some processors available in which this problem is not an issue now. Here in this section of NUCG, we’ll provide you all such kind of information about different processors, operating systems and other features of the mobiles. Since, processor plays an important role in the working of the mobiles and likewise is the operating system, so all the brands are trying to make their device to be the best by using different processors like Dual core processors, Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 processors and others. And of course by using different operating systems like Android and its latest versions, windows smartphones are also available in the market. Stay tuned with the NUCG to have all the knowledge and detailed discussion on the features and properties of the processors, operating systems of the mobiles. You will find reviews and feedback on all the specifications especially of the processors, operating systems of the smartphones.