New Launch

Invention of computer was one of the major achievements in the history of earth. Same goes for the gadgets, which are a great invention and blessing to humans as they made life easier than thought. In this rapidly changing world it is hard to keep a tab on the latest gadget release. It seems like a few time back when data was stored in floppy drives which were capable of holding around 200 MB of your precious data and now your smart phone holds 100 times more data in perhaps 50 times smaller SD card. This world of technology is dynamic it has come from vacuum tubes to transistors to Integrated Circuits and has made man dependent on itself.

What are the hot new gadgets in the market today? This question is not getting obsolete. It bounces from table to table in bars and from plate to plate in a family gathering. Many people come to knowledge about new launch from their friends and relatives. Don’t get counted in that group of people and be the first among your friends to know about up and coming gadgets. Be the cool guy among your friends with the knowledge of latest and coolest gadgets on the block. Get the news on newest phones, apps, cameras, tablets before they are even available in the market. Under this section we work hard to keep an eye on the latest gadget being announced, when it will be released, what new features it will have and how much media reception it got, which latest gadget made the show stopping debut. Here at NUCG we bring you the advancements and inventions in the field of gadgets as they happen. Which company launched its new weapon and what it is capable of? Who achieved a new breakthrough in technology? Who launched their latest smart phone with top of the class features? All the latest smart devices and gadgets launched can be discovered under this section. Not only the gadgets, their specifications and features will also be made available for you. Stay up to date on the future of gadgets and what does it hold for the man kind with this column. Get latest news and headlines first at NUCG. This cold war of smart phone just got interesting.