In this section of our website, you will find the reviews of latest gadgets, latest smartphones available in the market. There are many smartphone launchers like Samsung, Apple’s iPhone, Nokia, Micromax, Sony and many more which are offering Android based high end devices. You can have the reviews of your favorite device and may choose among different options available. Feedbacks about the applications, accessories and processors of different smartphones will be available to you. Likewise, you can find the handset reviews, tablet reviews of different gadgets.

There are many options available in the Android smartphones category. And even then, not all Android based devices are same. They are different in a way from the other, depending on their key specifications. In spite of just having the listing of the specifications on the site, you will also find feedbacks and reviews on key specifications of the latest gadgets.

iPhone started the race of smartphones but Samsung is doing a great job in this race now, followed by Nokia, Sony, Micromax and others. Which is better and how?? Who’s going to answer this? We will get the job done for you and get you the feedbacks and reviews of the latest smartphones and tablets. You can have your answer by getting the overall and detailed analysis, reviews updates, feedbacks and tools available on NUCG. After all, you want to choose best as per your needs. May be one is more interested in accessories or may be applications or may be simple functioning device but with smart looks. So, it depends on an individual, how he will rate the device. By having all these things you can compare different options available and can have the updates on new launches. So, you will surely have answers for all your queries and can get the best and smart device for you.