Top 5 Movie Apps for Apple TV

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September 18, 2015
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Top 5 Movie Apps for Apple TV

We all are aware of the fact that Apple is the best mobile operating company across the globe. Its unbeatable quality and amazing finger experience is quite commendable.

If we talk about Apple TV, then let me tell you that on the first release of Apple Tv, it was not taken so seriously by the company itself. Certainly after looking at the ChromeCast flourishing so well in the digital market, Apple redesigned their creation and of course, back with a bang!

Apple tv is one of the best development in the technology world we could ever expect. Interacting with a television is totally different from phone or tablet. Being an Apple tv we can expect something different and amazing to experience.

Apple users can get Apple app store where your normal apps are shown on television with a 360 degree change. As well as it provides you with voice recognition feature where you can play with the television through your voice.

On Apple tv you get apps as varied as your cable tv channels. There are apps like games, fitness buffs, Travellers, Fashion world, Food, Movie lovers and much more. These apps work awesomely well on the screen with an extended version. For sure, Apple tv app store has done a fantastic work.

The top most question about Apple tv is ” Which is the best movie app for Apple Tv?” So, let’s answer the question with the top 5 movie apps available on the Apple app store.

1) NetFlix

NetFlix is a free application that allows you to download and watch unlimited movies and tv shows. No doubt the app best works with the Apple. The Apple tv’ voice and remote control makes movie watching experience fun. NetFlix provides you with varied genres; Horror, comedy, theatre, serious, biographies, documentaries, romance, thriller, action, animation and much more. You will really enjoy this app on Apple’s big screen.

2) Plex

Yes, it is not a movie streaming application but an incredible movie organizing software. It allows you to organize your movies, tv shows, videos and much more very easily. Once you download Plex on your Apple Tv, you can arrange your media files at one place and enjoy the wonderful experience. It is quite user friendly software especially for novices.

3) Hulu

Although, NetFlix is the best movie streaming app in the market, Hulu for sre provides you with a better movie library and searching options. As we told you that most of the apps act differently on Apple tv big screen. Therefore, we can say that Hulu works amazingly well for all Apple users. You can dig deep in for latest or old classic movies and get an unbeatable HD quality movie links.

4) YouTube

Well due to other movie streaming application, we definitely can’t forget the father of all the movie streaming apps till now. It is an app that is regularly updates by professionals. Though most of the times you are not allowed to watch movies for free, no doubt YouTube gives you the best movie quality ever.

5) Crackle

Crackle is a good choice for Apple tv. Crackle is working amazingly well on Apple tv 4. You can watch unlimited movies and videos on your big screen. It is quite an app that will entertain you via your television screen.


Apple tv has gained a lot of popularity due to its features and HD quality application available on its app store. Users surely try it!

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