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Virtual Reality technology

The recent advancements in 360 video have gotten everyone talking. After the NAB Show 2017 convention in Las Vegas, people from all over the world had a sneak peek of what’s about to take place. And the products and innovations that were launched in that momentous event continue to dominate the headlines until today.

The fact is, virtual reality is steadily gaining momentum. Because of the launching of Oculus VR, Sony Playstation, and other big gaming brands, virtual reality is being closely associated in the gaming industry. Truth be told, people are betting that Virtual Reality headsets will replace the traditional handheld consoles that have dominated the world of gaming for a long time.

And it’s not just the gaming industry that wants a piece of the action, social media platforms want their share, too. In fact, Facebook launched 360 videos in September 2015. Their aim is to provide a more immersive experience for their members.

Virtual Reality technology is on the rise. To prove our point, here are three pioneering products, both previous releases and new, that have set the motion for this trend:

HTC Vive

Released on April 5, 2016, HTC Vibe is a VR headset that was developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. According to its followers, the debut of the new and improved HTC Vive at the CES 2016 event was well worth the wait.

Equipped with a front-facing camera, HTC Vive guarantees users with a full room experience. Gamers are promised an awesome immersive experience – with a wandering space of up to five meters diagonally.

Oculus Rift

One of the most popular VR headsets in the market today, the Oculus Rift allows users to fully experience the virtual world.

Because this headset comes with a built-in microphone, sensor and headphones, putting it on will let users thoroughly immerse themselves in a virtual world.

Boasting a 110-degree view, the Oculus Rift claims to have the largest view of any VR headset or device.

YI 360 VR Camera

It’s not a joke. This VR headset, believe it or not, is really made of cardboard. Despite its seemingly low-tech facade, the strength of this product lies in its affordability and simplicity. The design aims to bring an immersive experience to smartphone users.

Google wanted to introduce everyone to the world of virtual reality. And it has succeeded by making the Google Cardboard Device accessible to customers with not a lot of resources. Ready for some DIY action? Order a DIY kit and build it yourself!

Bonus Product:

YI Halo VR Camera is the first of its kind in the market today. It’s a professional, yet agile, VR camera that combines high-fidelity capture with robustness and versatility of use. It also considered as the first Jump camera with an up camera (total of 17 unit cameras), allowing users to experience the scene in every direction without missing a thing.*

As Virtual Reality products and devices continue to make developments, it’s becoming clear that this technology is here to stay and will slowly integrate into everyday life.

Over to you. What VR product are you excited to use and experience today?

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